Silly’s Sweet Summer

Children film

Production: schlicht und ergreifend GbR
Co-production: Kinderfilm GmbH
Distribution: farbfilm Verleih

Director: Johannes Schmid
Script: Johannes Schmid, Michael Demuth
Producer: Philipp Budweg, Johannes Schmid
Co-Producer: Ingelore König

Main Cast: Johann Hillmann, Konrad Baumann, Lea Eisleb, Inka Friedrich, Stephan Kampwirth, Inga Busch, Claudia Geisler, Andreas Hoppe u.v.a.

Camera: Michael Bertl bvk
Scene design: Angelica Böhm
Costumes: Steffi Bruhn
Make-up: Julia Lechner und Christin Läßig
Editing: Thomas Kohler bfs
Sound: Mario Brecht
Music: Michael Heilrath
Editing: Friederike Euler (BR), Anke Sperl (RBB)
Casting: Daniela Tolkien

Martin, a lively but a bit short and slight for his 13 years has just moved into the sleepy village of Bellback. New town, new home and new school. But as if that weren’t enough changes yet, there are also unfamiliar things happening in Martin’s emotional life. When he meets Silke, there is suddenly that weird feeling of butterflies in his stomach… Too bad that super cool Oliver is already friends with Silke. But who doesn’t dare, can’t win. Martin simply has to get to know Silke better! And he also want to find out what’s the secret behind Oliver’s aggressive demeanour….


  • 2007 Children’s Media Prize White Elephant – Best Director
  • 2008 Main prize at the International Children’s Film Festival, Moscow
  • Kindertiger prize 2008 for Best Script
  • 2009 Prize for Best Children’s Film as judged by children at the Youth Film Festival in Bruges