9 junge Erwachsene stehen in einer Reihe vor einer Hügellandschaft. Sie halten in einer Hand einen Bobbycar und die andere Hand recken sie in die Höhe. Es handelt sich um die Schauspieler*innen vom Kinofilm "Real Life Guys" (AT).

Leben ist jetzt

Feature Film

Distribution: Paramount Pictures Germany
Production: Lieblingsfilm & Real Life Film
Director: Maria-Anna Westholzer
Screenplay: Lynda Bartnik, Toks Körner, Sven Fockner
Producer: Thomas Blieninger, Sven Fockner, Philipp Budweg

Main Cast: Anton & Richard Fuchs, Kya-Celina Barucki, Victoria Mayer, Alexander Hörbe, Michael Schweisser, Amelie Willberg, Samirah Breuer, Serge Mateso, Janina Fautz, Laurenz Lerch

DoP: Martin Schlecht
Line Producer: Jochen Gottlöber
Production Manager: Gernot Sprenger
Production Design: Anette Reuther
Costume Design: Monika Gebauer
Hair & Make Up Design: Sylvia Grave
Chief Lighting Technician: Christoph Schobert
Chief Sound Technician: Michael Vetter
Film editor: Diana Matous
Casting director: Liza Stutzky

At 30 km/h on the Bobbycar to the physics exam? Impossible! But not for the technology-loving twins Philipp and Johannes. Even in their school days, they make childhood dreams come true.

But when Philipp is suddenly diagnosed with cancer, their world crashes down for him and his brother. They decide to radically change their lives and really let it rip from now on. Together with sister Elli, they found the YouTube channel “The Real Life Guys” and plunge into spectacular adventures at full throttle. A rocket bathtub, a submarine they welded together themselves, a manned drone – the “Real Life Guys” are seemingly unstoppable and infect a rapidly growing community with their love of life. But when Elli has an accident and Philipp’s cancer returns, the twins learn with overwhelming intensity what really counts and how to embrace life with all its facets.

REAL LIFE GUYS tells the incredible but true story of the Mickenbecker siblings, whose spectacular do-it-yourself projects inspired a worldwide audience of millions to live their lives as intensely as possible.

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