Feature Film, Children's Film

Production: Lieblingsfilm
Co-Producer: Aamu Film Company Ltd
Broadcaster: NDR, MDR, KiKa, rbb
Distribution: Universum Film

Director: Stefan Westerwelle
Script: Stefan Westerwelle, Ingo Schünemann
After a novel by: Salah Naoura
Producer: Philipp Budweg
Co-Producer: Jussi Rantamäki
Editoral offices: Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal (NDR), Beate Biermann (MDR), Stefan Pfäffle (KiKa), Anja Hagemeier and Anke Sperl (rbb)
Main Cast: Mikke Rasch, Nick Holaschke, Bendix Hansen, Sabine Timoteo, Tommi Korpela, Roy Peter Link, Tristan Göbel, Doris Kunstmann

DoP: Julia Daschner
Art Director: Vicky von Minckwitz
Costume Designer: Sabine Keller
Make-up Artist: Maike Heinlein
Sound engineer: Uve Haußig
Music Composer: Timo Hietala
Casting: Marion Haack

The universe must have a lot of flaws, says ten-year-old Matti. Otherwise people would be much happier! His father, Sulo, would not be a bus driver, but a computer game developer, like in his dreams. His mother would no longer have to be upset about her choleric boss at the doctor’s office. And Matti himself would have been on holiday with his family in Suloshome country Finland long ago. . .

So Matti decides to help luck a little and invents a lottery win. He actually manages to lure Mom, Dad and his younger brother Sami to Finland. But because fist-fisted lies usually have unforeseen consequences, the family suddenly finds itself in the middle of the Finnish pampa with no money, no roof over their heads and no car keys. Now Matti urgently needs a miracle. But is the universe responsible for something like this?


23rd Schlingel Film Festival: ECFA Prize of the European Children’s Film Association

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