dramatic lovestory

Production: Lieblingsfilm
Broadcast: WDR
Distribution: Neue Visionen
In Zusammenarbeit mit: ATrack Film
Weltvertrieb: Pluto Film

Director: Johannes Schmid
Script: Nora Lämmermann, Johannes Schmid
based on the novel by: Peter Stamm
Producer: Philipp Budweg, Thomas Blieninger
Editorial Office: Andrea Hanke

Main Cast: Odine Johne, Stephan Kampwirth, Sonja Baum, Walter Hess, Berit Karla Menze, Oliver Bürgin, Maximilian Scheidt

DoP: Michael Bertl
Editing: Henk Drees
Music: Michael Heilrath, Anna Ternheim
Costume: Nicole Hutmacher
Make-up artist: Anette Keiser
Original Sound: Andreas Wölki
Casting: Tolkien Casting

The non-fiction author WALTER falls in love with a pensive and strangely ethereal physics Student named AGNES. One day, when Agnes encourages Walter to write a story about their love, their relationship takes a destructive turn. In the beginning it’s an innocent game, but then reality and fiction begin to blend to the point that fantasy starts to threaten their love and even Agnes’ existence in a most dangerous way.


World Premiere: Palm Springs International Film Festival 2016

CINEMA RELEASE: 2nd June 2016

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