Dear Mr Führer

Children's film

Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Co-Production: ZDF, Schwabenlandfilm
Distribution: Farbfilm Verleih

Director: Christian Lerch
Script: Christian Lerch, Josef Einwanger
Producer: Robert Marciniak
Editorial Offices: Dr. Irene Wellershoff, Ina Werner

Main Cast: Xari Wimbauer, Lisa Wagner, Hans Löw, Luis Vorbach, Hannah Yoshimi Hagg, David Benkovitch, Philipp Hochmair, Barbara Romaner, Johann Schuler, Heinz-Josef Braun, Agathe Taffertshofer, Thomas Frank, Martin Weinek, Kathrin Anna Stahl

DoP: Tim Kuhn
Production Manager: Veronika Neuber
Line Producer: Thomas Blieninger
Production Designer: Johannes Sternagel
Costume Designer: Walter Schwarzmeier
Hair & Make Up Designer: Anette Keiser
Editor: Valesca Peters
Sound Recordist: Michael Vetter

1945, shortly before the end of the war: ANNA and her eleven-year-old son FELIX have to flee from bombed Munich to the countryside. While ANNA finds it difficult to play the convinced National Socialist in the village, FELIX is increasingly seduced by the Nazi propaganda of the village chief FEIK and his son KARRI. In the end, FELIX realizes that family and friendship are more important than any ideology.

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