Lifeguard Off Duty

Feature Film, Comedy

Distribution: Leonine Distributions GmbH

Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Screenplay: Marcus Pfeiffer, Marcus Rosenmüller
Producer: Robert Marciniak

Main Cast : Milan Peschel, Dimitri Abold, Johanna Wokalek, Sarah Mahita, Sebastian Bezzel, Tina Pfurr, Rick Kavanian, Bless Amada, Thomas Mraz, Daniel Holzberg, Frederic Linkemann, Sebastian Gerold, Gisela Schneeberger

DoP: Tosten Breuer
Line Producer: Jochen Gottlöber
Production Manager: Thomas Blieninger
Production Designer: Doerthe Komnick
Costume Designer: Walter Schwarzmeier
Hair & Make Up Designer: Scharka Cechova
Editor: Georg Söring
Casting: Franziska Aigner

In this comedy, the grumpy lifeguard Karl has to save his sanctuary, his Grubberg outdoor pool from closing. Fortunately he has refugee Sali at his side and after some difficulties the whole village helps together. A laconic hymn about life, Community and, ultimately, love.

Click here for the official trailer: (1258) Beckenrand Sheriff – Trailer (deutsch/german; FSK 6) – YouTube


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