Schon Tausendmal Berührt

TV Movie

Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Commissioned by: ARD Degeto

Director: Judith Westermann
Screenplay: Helena Hoffmann
Producers: Robert Marciniak, Julia Rappold
Editorial Offices: Christoph Pellander, Carolin Haasis, Anette Balkhaus

Main Cast: Inez Bjørg David, Leo Reisinger, Zeynep Bozbay, Marie Nasemann, Nicole Marischka, Benedikt Zimmermann, Gabriele Dossi, Heinz-Josef Braun, Elena Uhlig

DoP: Thorsten Harms
Produktion Manager: Jan Weber
Line Producer: Jochen Gottlöber, Thomas Blieninger
Production Designer: Antonia Wagner
Costume Designer: Monika Gebauer
Hair & Make Up Designer: Ausza Pfeifer, Jennifer Brünn
Editor: Lukas Meissner
Sound recordist: Attila Makai
Casting : Anne Huenseler

On the verge of becoming a junior partner in a Munich law firm, the last thing attorney Ella needs is an unwanted pregnancy from her old school friend Flo after a stormy one-night stand. As a farmer Flo still lives in the village where Ella grew up. There she is supposed to carry out a seemingly impossible order in the name of the law firm . . . and Flo is the only one who can help her with it. The more time Ella unexpectedly spends back in the country, the closer she and Flo become. But they were always just friends . . . ? Yet they have already touched a thousand times . . . ?