Playing Doctor

Feature film, coming-of-age comedy

Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Co-Production: Fox International Productions (Germany) GmbH
Distribution: Twentieth Century Fox of Germany

Director: Marco Petry
Script: Jan Ehlert und Marco Petry
after a novel by: Jaromir Konecny
Producer: Robert Marciniak
Executive Producer: Marco Mehlitz

Main Cast: Merlin Rose, Maximilian von der Groeben, Lisa Vicari, Ella Maria Gollmer, Jannis Niewöhner, Olga Luckwald, Christiane Paul, Oliver Korritke

Camera: Jo Heim
Set design: Maythe Stavermann
Costumes: Monika Gebauer
Make-up: Jeannette Tripodi und Regine Frohberg
Editing: Georg Söring, Hans Horn
Sound: Petra Gregorzewski
Music: Peter Horn und Andrej Melita
Composer "Lilli-Song": Axel Bosse
Casting: Franziska Aigner

It isn’t easy being 16. Especially when the coolest girl at school fancies pretty boy Bobby. It’s no surprise really, he doesn’t have to battle with complexes about the size of his penis. Amazing how he can even run with that big sausage between his legs…

A woman once told Andi (16) that his pride and joy is too small. The fact that that happened 9 years ago playing doctors and nurses with his sandpit girlfriend Lilli doesn’t help. Luckily there is also his best friend Harry (16) who is obsessed with porn. But he also gives Andi the necessary push to talk to his crush, Katja (16) and tells him to not poke her on Facebook. He sees his chance at Katja’s pool party. It’s just too bad that he has to bring Lilli (16) who suddenly showed up after nine years to spend a week in the big city of Frankfurt. And Lilli is creating quite a chaos. Unexpectedly Bobby is only hanging out with her and out of the blue Katja only has eyes for Andi. Looks perfect… doesn’t it?

It’s a teen story full of humour and playful dialogues with lovable and endearing characters. They stumble form one misunderstanding into the next confusion and make the viewer laugh out loud.

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