Best Chance

Feature film

Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Co-production: H&V Entertainment GmbH
Broadcaster: BR

Script: Karin Michalke und Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Camera: Stefan Biebl
Set design: Doerthe Komnick und Johannes Sternagel
Costumes: Walter Schwarzmeier
Make-up: Anette Keiser und Niciy Axt
Editing: Georg Söring
Casting: Franziska Aigner / Casting Family Hanna Koudele
Editing wih BR: Cornelia Ackers
Producers: Thomas Blieninger, Robert Marciniak, Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Eva Tonkel (H&V GmbH)

Main Cast: Anna Maria Sturm, Rosalie Thomass, Volker Bruch, Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow, Heinz Josef Braun, Andreas Giebel, Martin Schick

Kati is in the middle of her exams when she finds out that Jo is in trouble and has gone missing in India on top of that. She can’t leave her best friend in the lurch and as none of their friends want to come with her, she makes her own way to India. But she didn’t take their worried fathers into account and they are now following Kati. Will anyone be able to find anyone else in that chaos?



  • „Fünf-Seen“-Film Festival 2014

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