The Pasta Detectives 2

Children's film

Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Co-production: Fox International Productions (Germany)
Distribution: Twentieth Century Fox of Germany

Director: Wolfgang Groos
Script: Martin Gypkens
based on the book by: Andreas Steinhöfel
Producer: Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak

Main Cast: Anton Petzold, Juri Winkler, Karoline Herfurth, Ronald Zehrfeld, Moritz Bleibtreu, Katharina Thalbach, Ursela Monn, Henry Hübchen, Milan Peschel

DoP: Stefan Biebl
Production Design: Matthias Müsse
Costume: Silke Sommer
Make-up artist: Katrin Westerhausen
Editor: Marco Pav D'Auria
Original Sound: Frank Heidbrink
Music: Robert Matt
Casting: Daniela Tolkien

For the first time ever Rico has a friend coming over for a sleepover! After all, Oskar is almost part of the family already. But the-best-mum-ever Tanja got herself into some trouble –  Rico and Oskar cannot know what trouble they are about to cause when they are trying to help her: a lot of heartache and a new criminal case.

CINEMA RELEASE: June 11, 2015

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