D’Sunn Scheind Schee

Short Film

Production: Lucky Pictures & schlicht und ergreifend Film GmbH
Broadcaster: BR

Script: Caroline Fischer, Sabrina Janke, Benjamin Leichtenstern
Director: Benjamin Leichtenstern
Camera: Stefan Bühl
Costumes: Walter Schwarzmeier
Make-up: Kathrin Bornmüller
Producer: Caroline Fischer, Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak
Production Management: Sabrina Janke
Music: Thomas Rebensburg
Mixing: Michael Gerlach
Editing wih BR: Claudia Gladziejewski

Cast: Heide Ackermann, Josef Thalmeier

Hans and Erna Weidinger live in a small village in Bavaria. Erna doesn’t have a driver license, so Hans is her chauffeur.
This morning, they are on the way to Erna’s weekly hairdresser’s appointment, about eight kilometers away from their home. But something is different this day: Hans wants to test the new GPS system.
From the beginning, Erna is very sceptical about that “thing” and keeps on doing her favourite activity, talking about the latest gossip in town. Hans ignores her and insists on following the GPS’s commands, which makes Erna more angry.
The gadget sends them always further away from their actual destination.
After some misunderstandings the GPS leads them right into a forest. There Erna takes the GPS in her hands for the first time and changes the languages by mistake. Hans watches her and begins to laugh about her behavior. Noticing how foolish the situation is she joins the laughter of her husband.
They are heading home in a cheerful mood. Hans even starts a relaxed conversation with his wife.
They are almost home, as a loud bang interrupts the newly found intimacy. The motor steams and with last drive the car stops at the roadside.
Hans gets out of the car and walks to the village to get help.
After a while the car gets towed away by a tractor. They are almost at home when the GPS asks them to turn around again.

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