From the Depth of the Room

Feature film

Production: schlicht und ergreifend Film GmbH
Co-production:, ZDF
in co-operation with: FirstMovieProgram
Distribution: Timebandits Films

Script writer and director: Gil Mehmert
Camera: Bella Halben
Set design: Alissa Kolbusch, Johannes Sternagel
Costumes: Steffi Bruhn
Make-up: Julia Stephanie Lechner
Editing: Bernd Schlegel
Music: Alex Haas, Stefan Noelle
Casting: Daniela Tolkien
Editor: Lucas Schmid (ZDF)
Producers: Philipp Budweg, Johannes Schmid
Co-producers: Uli Aselmann, Robert Marciniak

Main Cast: Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Eckhard Preuß, Mira Bartuschek, Sandra S. Leonard, Christoph Maria Herbst, Karl Korte, Meike Schlüter, Tobias Beyer, Daniel Berger, Mischa Sideris u.v.a.

Hans-Günther lives in an endearing yet dull small town in the Rhine Valley in the 1960s where he pursues an unusual hobby: He plays Tipp-Kick. At one of his tournaments he meets photographer Marion and both of them are surprised that the blossoming romance ends up in Marion’s bedroom in the first night. And even more surprisingly, this night isn’t without consequences: A chain of coincidences causes Hans-Günther’s favourite Tipp-Kick figure, No. 10, to fall into Marion’s bathtub that is filled with various chemicals used to develop a film. The chemicals have turned into a primeval soup and No. 10 comes to life as a living person by coming into contact with it. No. 10-come-to-life not only brings chaos to his owner’s little world but will conquer much bigger worlds. The Tipp-Kick figure matures to a strapping young man called Günter with meticulously parted blonde hair and shoe size 47. And he is better at pedestrian football than anyone else.

One of the most famous German football stars of the 1970s is born…


  • Rated especially valuable
  • 2004 Bavarian Film Pize for best film by a young producer (VGF Prize)

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