Short Film

Production: schlicht und ergreifend Film GmbH
Broadcaster: BR

Script: Uwe Greiner
Director: Uwe Greiner
Camera: Ian Blumers
Set design: Beatrice Papiri
Costumes: Helena Blank
Make-up: Sina Stölzle
Producer: Philipp Budweg
Editor with BR: Claudia Gladziejewski

Cast: Luisa Katharina Davids, Jörg Witte, David Baalcke, Vanessa Jeker, Thomas Luft, Jürgen Tonkel, Stefanie von Poser

Oscar has created a comfortable life for himself. His job at the call centre leaves him with enough spare time for his hobby: breeding roses. It’s what he invests all his passion in. He has been living by himself for years now and is quite happy with that situation. His social interactions happen over the phone. He enjoys the short personal conversations beyond professionalism because he is able to control their level of intimacy.

Stuck in his ways, he gets on the underground, just like every other day. A quick side glance suddenly changes everything…Katharina. Is she on this train by accident? Is she just visiting the city?

On the next few days, Oskar can’t help himself but to keep an eye out for her on his way to work – with success. Their glances meet again and again over the next few weeks. Two invisible people have become visible to each other. Oskar knows he will never be brave enough to approach her, especially not after that embarrassing incident. He tries to find another way to give her a sign, hoping she will understand its uniqueness.