On March 19, 2022 at 8:15 p.m., ‘Rückkehr nach Rimini’ will be broadcast on the German public broadcaster Ersten. In the ARD Mediathek, the film can already be seen from March 18, 2022. Directed by Sarah Winkenstette; Karl Fischer, Rainer Bock, Bernhard Schütz, Miriam Maertens and Lena Stolze take us on a journey to Italy. The script was written by Kerstin Pistorius.

Tittelbach.tv: ‘Return to Rimini’ (Degeto / Lieblingsfilm) is a wonderfully acted, cheerful-melancholic tragicomedy about a widower (Karl Fischer) who, after the death of his wife, learns that he is not the father of his daughter and, together with his two oldest friends (Rainer Bock, Bernhard Schütz), travels to Rimini, where it all began 50 years ago. The pace is appropriate for the age of the gentlemen, but the story is exceedingly varied and correspondingly entertaining thanks to the many hooks it throws up. The ARD Saturday film changes its sign several times anyway: It begins as a road movie, turns into a vacation comedy and becomes surprisingly romantic toward the end. (Tilmann P. Gangloff)