THE PASTA DETEKTIVS is awarded the German Film Award

Producers Philipp Budweg and Robert Marciniak received the LOLA from the hands of “Rico’s mum” Karoline Herfurth and asked director Neele Leana Vollmar, young actors Anton Petzold (Rico) and Juri Winkler (Oskar) as well as Executive Producer and partner at Lieblingsfilm, Thomas Blieninger, to join them on stage.

With more than 800.000 viewers THE PASTA DETECTIVES was a huge box-office success last year and was awarded a lot of prizes (a.o. Best Script at Goldener Spatz 2014, White Elefant 2014 for Anton Petzold and Juri Winkler in Munich, Audience Award at the Children’s Film Festival, Bavarian Film Prize for “Best Children’s Film”)

Lieblingsfilm and Fox International Productions say “Thank you” to the whole team who made this film possible!