What The Finn?! is awarded with the German Film Critics’ Award

What The Fin?! is awarded with the German Film Critics’ Award for “Best Children’s Film” at the Berlinale on Sunday, 18 February. Director Stefan Westerwelle accepted the award.

We would like to thank the VDFK for this honour and are delighted to receive this award.

Quote from the jury statement:
Among the children’s films in 2023, we were won over by a road movie in which two children travel alone, on a tractor, towards the sea. Along the way, they make the acquaintance of some strange adults who don’t take ten-year-old Finn and slightly older Jola seriously or even take advantage of them. With each episode, however, the two gain in self-confidence and solidarity. Told entirely from the perspective of the children, the film succeeds in allowing its two young main characters to courageously try something new and make them authentic characters for children to identify with. It skilfully adapts Martin Muser’s literary source for the screen with its curious situations and witty dialogue, thereby setting new standards in the field of children’s films.

German Film Critics’ Award 2023 – The winners – German Film Critics’ Association (vdfk.de)