Fundings for Emerald Green

The first fundings for Emerald Green have been announced. Filmstiftung NRW supports the production with 750.000€, Filmförderungsanstalt FFA with 500.000€, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern with 400.000€ and Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung with 250.000€.

Emerald Green is the fulminant end of the Ruby Red trilogy based on the novels by Kerstin Gier. Under the direction of Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, the shooting stars Maria Ehrich (Gwendolyn Shepherd) and Jannis Niewöhner (Gideon de Villiers) will again be playing the most famous German time-traveller couple. Together they have to stop the obscure Earl of Saint Germain from taking control over past and future.