Stamp for the 100th birthday of Bert Trautmann

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Carl “Bert” Trautmann on 22 October 2023, the Federal Ministry of Finance is issuing a special postage stamp.
The stamp was presented at Nuremberg City Hall on 12 October 2023.

Bert Trautmann campaigned for peace and international understanding throughout his life. So now, in the form of a stamp, he continues to act as a symbol for peace today.
As the producer of the biopic “Trautmann – The Keeper”, which was released in 2019, Robert Marciniak was available for consultation on the design of the stamp. His letter accompanying the release of the stamp is on the Federal Ministry of Finance’s page: special postage stamp “100th birthday Bernhard Carl ‘Bert’ Trautmann”.

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Stamp: Federal Ministry of Finance – Andreas Ahrens, Hanover © picture-alliance / dpa
Trautmann scene: © Lieblingsfilm – Jürgen Olczyk